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How to Get Gorgeous Hair

Posted by Simone Dobson on
How to Get Gorgeous Hair

Three Things Professional Stylist wants you to know and do!
By Jane Jopling

Bad hair days happen to everyone.  You know those days, when you spend an hour washing, drying, styling, and then it doesn't hold.  Or, you are washing your hair regularly but still have an oily scalp and dry ends.  I sat down with Euphoria Wellness Spa’s, Senior Stylist, Rebecca, who has been in the industry since birth, really, her mom owned a Toronto based salon  She has been styling at Euphoria Wellness Spa Hair Salon for almost 10 years and hands down provides the best blowouts in the city.  Here are her professional tips for great hair.

  1. “Stop washing your hair”! Seriously, stylists know that the oils secreted by your scalp are the bomb. When kept in balance the oils moisturize the scalp and coat the hair for a natural shine.   Ideally, you need to break the cycle of washing gradually until you are only washing once a week or once every ten days.  Start by gradually lengthening out the time between washes allowing your oil glands to adapt.  On the in-between days, Rebecca says to get creative.  You can wet hair, add conditioner and style as normal.  You could try a product like AVEDA dry shampoo to decrease shine and oil around the scalp while adding back in the body.  Experiment with ponytails, updos, and curling the hair.

  2. Not all product work for all hair types.  So when you do finally wash your mane, use professionally prescribed products designed for your hair type, and scalp needs.  Another pro tip from Rebecca is to “wash the roots and condition the ends of your hair”. To provide a gentle not toxic cleanse, try Aveda’s new plant-powered CHERRY ALMOND softening shampoo and conditioner.  This product deeply but gently cleanses while maintaining healthy oils.  It is cruelty-free, naturally derived, not tested on animals and smells heavenly.   Euphoria Wellness Spa Hair Salon carries a complete line of Aveda hair care products.

  3. To give your hairstyle longevity, “you must set it” says, Rebecca.  Although this may conjure up images of women sitting around in salons in 1960 there is some validity to the method.  To set the style means to let it cool before you add more product or try to style.  You can do this by purchasing a professional dryer that has a cool setting.  Blow the cool air directly on the section of hair for the last few seconds before you move to a new section while drying.  Another setting method to use while curling the hair is to hold the curl in shape for a few seconds after removing the iron.  Once cooled you can further style and add spray for hold.

These three easy steps will eliminate some of your bad hair days, save you time and money with less washing.  To book a consultation with one of the Euphoria Wellness Spas talented stylist contact

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