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Gathering Spaces

We’ve created the ideal spaces to gather once inside Euphoria Wellness Spa. As a premier spa destination in the Kawarthas, we wanted to make your experience here truly memorable.

What calms and restores your senses? It might be the soothing sound of water coming from one of our three water features, the intoxicating fragrance of eucalyptus or sandalwood dispersed by our aromatherapy systems. Or, the comfort of relaxing with a good book in our fireplace lounge.

Retreat with Friends

Our intention was to provide a calming and nurturing environment, a true retreat. We also wanted to create a feeling of warmth, with harmonious places to relax. That’s why you’ll discover so many special gathering spaces here – spaces that welcome and gently embrace groups, friends, family and Euphoria Wellness Spa members.

Luxury and Community

We have drawn on our international spa experience to bring Peterborough and the Kawarthas a truly world-class wellness facility. The special gathering spaces within Euphoria Wellness Spa have been created to blend the luxurious atmosphere with a welcoming sense community.

The gathering spaces at Euphoria Wellness Spa include:

  • Euphoria Caffé serving Starbucks® is an extension of Euphoria Wellness Spa. (There’s easy access for clients, or if you just want to stop in for a fresh coffee or to pick up a healthy snack.) Modern manicure bar to accommodate groups and wedding parties.
  • Beautiful pedicure room with massage chairs to accommodate groups and wedding parties.
  • Two relaxation lounges to extend your wellness experience – one with a fireplace wall, the other with a soothing water feature.
  • Aveda® Salon with professional make up application and hairstyling areas, perfect for wedding parties doing bridal make up, hair or updos, either as a trial or on the wedding day.
  • Rooftop patio overlooking the Otonabee River in Peterborough. With its rooftop view of the water, it will also be ideal for friends who want to enjoy a signature Euphoria cocktail.
  • We invite you to stop in for a visit soon. We also look forward to hearing how the new Euphoria makes you feels.