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Belkyra Double Chin Reduction Peterborough at


BELKYRA™ Double Chin Reduction

Belkyra™ is similar to Botox® and Juvéderm® in that it is an injectable drug approved by Health Canada. However, Belkyra was developed for a completely different purpose than those fillers. Belkyra targets fat cells under the chin, reducing its appearance.

How BELKYRA Treatments Help

These treatments can provide a slimmer-looking, younger face – and a renewed sense of self-confidence.

Fat under the chin can also be called a double chin. This kind of “submental” fat may not be related to weight gain. It may be hereditary.

How Does Belkyra Work?

This injectable drug eliminates unwanted submental fat.

Belkyra is known as Kybella™ in the United States. By either name, it contains a naturally-occurring substance called deoxycholic acid. When injected into the fat-storing areas of the chin, it works to break down unwanted fat. At first, the inflammation causes the area to swell, and then the skin to tighten in that area. The fat cells shrink and are eliminated over the course of several weeks.

What are the Basic Steps of a Belkyra Treatment at Euphoria’s Med Spa?

  • A private Euphoria treatment room is carefully-sanitized and prepared for the treatment.
  • The unwanted fat under the chin is carefully marked to allow for equal dosage throughout the area.
  • The injections are made, disrupting the fat cells, also known as adipocytes and lipocytes. (With the membranes no longer intact, the body will begin to process them as waste. Once removed, these fat cells are destroyed, and the results are permanent.)
  • The number of treatments are determined by response to treatment. Most patients require 2-4 sessions for maximum fat reduction.
  • Appointments are scheduled a minimum of 6 weeks apart to allow the treated fat to dissolve and be absorbed.

Why are Belkyra Treatments Popular?

  • Belkyra provides good results for people who have moderate fat in their upper neck.
  • There is little downtime compared to a surgical procedure.

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