Want to know more about Body Reshaping in Peterborough?

Reduce Cellulite, Saddlebags and Loose Skin

Target problem areas with Body Reshaping at Euphoria Wellness Spa in the Kawarthas. Body Reshaping uses specialized heat therapy equipment to do the following:

  • tighten loose skin
  • eliminate the appearance of cellulite
  • reduce saddlebags on the thighs
  • smooth the appearance of wrinkled skin

What is Body Reshaping?

This treatment is applied to the skin’s surface. It causes deep dermal heating and superficial water activation. Body Reshaping at Euphoria helps to:

  • promote collagen production and restructuring
  • give the skin a smoother looking surface
  • stimulate cells to release toxins and drain retained fluids
  • increase blood circulation
  • promote connective tissue shrinkage
  • Depending on the size of the treated areas, a treatment may take up to 45 minutes.

When combined with a healthy lifestyle, Body Reshaping at Euphoria Wellness Spa will give you the figure you deserve.

Food for Thought

Are interested in a whole health approach to your body? We have a Holistic Nutritionist on our health team. She will help you to:

  • take back your health using food as fuel for change
  • gain an understanding of hormones and healthy digestion
  • use whole foods and targeted supplements to improve your biochemical balance

Want to know more about Body Reshaping in Peterborough?
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