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Facial Peels for Aging and Damaged Skin  

How Our Medical Skin Peels Help

Facial Peels or Medical Skin Peels in Peterborough are offered through Euphoria’s Med Spa.

A Euphoria Facial Peel takes away the skin’s damaged outer layers to produce smoother, tighter and younger-looking skin.

The facial peels at Euphoria Wellness Spa help to reduce:

  • signs of aging
  • hyperpigmentation
  • large pores
  • acne concerns, including comedones
  • the appearance of scars
  • redness or rosacea

Our medical peel facial treatments are formulated to:

  • brighten your complexion
  • exfoliate your skin’s surface layers
  • increase cell renewal
  • improve the texture of your skin
  • reduce age spots, freckles and dark patches (melasma)
  • make your face silky-soft to the touch

What is a Facial Peel?

A Facial Peel (or Medical Skin Peel) can help improve your skin’s appearance.
In your medical Facial Peel treatment, a solution will be carefully applied to your skin, which eventually takes off the older surface layer.

A Facial Peel use Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) such as glycolic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid and mandelic acids. These medically-approved solutions remove the dead layers of cells, revealing the healthier skin beneath. This helps to speed up cellular renewal and provide brighter, more radiant looking skin. Facial peels are recommended as a fast procedure with dramatic results. hese medical skin peels are clinically proven to be effective in treating many skin conditions.

What Facial Peel is the best?

A Euphoria Wellness Spa skincare specialist will design a fully-customized treatment based on the best objectives for your skin.

Your Euphoria skincare specialist will analyze:

  • Skin type and the type of peel safest for your own skin
  • Existing skin conditions
  • Past influences on skin such as sun damage
  • Age and general health
  • Progress and healing
  • Treatments for future results

What are the basic steps of a Euphoria Facial Peel?

  • A carefully-treated, private Euphoria treatment room is reserved for your facial peel treatment.
  • Your chemical peel will have been carefully formulated to remove damaged skin cells across the treatment area.
  • First the thicker layers of your skin are treated (chin, nose and cheeks), and then the thinner layers around the eyes and mouth.
  • Its exfoliation on the skin will continue at home after the spa treatment. The results of this can include flakiness, redness, and temporary patches of dark and light skin, which will be outlined as part of the process.
  • After exfoliation is complete, there is a noticeable appearance of firmer, clearer, smoother and younger looking skin.

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