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All About The Detox!

Posted by Simone Dobson on
All About The Detox!

So last week I wrote about the way I personally reset after a few days of bad decisions and the email responses I got were amazing!  Thanks to all of you for sending your questions-I will try to answer them as quickly as possible!  So-aside from learning just how 'hot' a topic the concept of resetting is, I also learned that the most popular question by far was if we really need to do it.  To answer all you Lavish peeps, the blog this week is all about that detox!

There are two pretty distinct camps on detoxing: the "you need to detox monthly by drinking a specific cleanse and nothing else" and the "our bodies were built to detox themselves and everything else is a money grab".  So-which is right?  I think the answer lies somewhere in the middle, and I'll explain exactly what I mean without getting too technical.  

So-yes our bodies evolved with some pretty great detoxification organs: the main one being our liver.  The problem is our liver (and all other detox organs) evolved during a time where environmental and food toxins didn't exist.  Our toxic exposure, and therefore the toxic load the organs had to deal with were so.much.smaller.  Since those caveman days we just keep dreaming up new and fancier chemicals for our bodies to deal with.  We now have OTC drugs, prescription drugs, crazy hormonal disrupting chemicals from plastics and other additives (looking at you parabens), artificial food dyes, the list goes on and on...

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